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Climate change has continued to pose a menace to the entire world’s environment and it has triggered serious debate all corners in the continents and leaders that happen to be still ongoing up to date. First and foremost we should instead know what climatic change is. Our planets atmosphere is a rise in world’s average temperature from the atmosphere which is because of excessive Carbon (IV) oxide emission that forms a blanket inside the atmosphere trapping heat resulting in warming up of the world. This temperature rise is continuously increasing with an alarming rate thus a quick and high solution must be reached to manipulate this vice prior to problem get worse leading to a bad effect to mother nature and people as a whole. This article is going to consider the cause of climate change its effects and many of the mechanisms which can be set up to help you safeguard types.

Factors behind climate change

Climatic change is a result of several factors but mostly human led activities. Many of these human activities that create it include burning of standard fuels for example coal operating some of the industrial engines. Variables include burning of natural gases and oils which brings about the emission from the (CO2) gas. Even as we also cut down trees and bringing down forest to produce more room for land to reside only then do we are threatening the planet. Some agricultural activities like fertilizer and pesticide application also bring about the emission of dangerous gases including oxides of methane and nitrogen which also cause this challenge. Our vehicles and industries will also be causes since they also emit this harmful gas.

Connection between climatic change

Since the earth’s temperature keeps rising then this environment individuals are now living in it are likely to face serious consequences. Some of these consequences include alteration of the weather pattern thus the earth will experience increased shortage when it comes to rainfall. Therefore since the earth fails to deliver of rainfall then there’d be increased drought ultimately causing a detrimental effect in agriculture consequently will cause low food production. Other consequences include difference in the snow pattern, the glaciers will melt and temperature increase characterized by sizzling hot days and warm nights. Rise in sea levels is also a result of this. Surely they are days you wouldn’t would like to experience.

Answers to our planets atmosphere

Our planets atmosphere is a threat to the ecosystem thus should be controlled with urgency as increasing numbers of delays to create a long lasting solution will probably be endangering not just environmental surroundings, and also humans and wildlife. Talks are ongoing in word forums to come up with a lasting solution but this must be speedy as this is an urgent matter that will need everybody’s attention. A number of the solutions include afforestation, protection of our own forests through government policy of producing a ban on tree logging, being environmentally friendly by coming up with engines designed to use bio fuels, conducting going green campaigns to boost awareness to the people on the value of the environment and others.